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I chose to analyze the case study, Tug Of War that was written by Yossi Sheffi and is found in the Harvard Business Review.

Jack Emmons, CEO of Voici Brands realizes that his company is in trouble and a change needs to take place before it is too late in order for the company to succeed and not go out of business. Jack has to address the issues at hand. Jack needs to take a thorough look at the company before deciding what changes need to be implemented. He needs to get his unit managers and board members involved in the process. Before doing this, Jack must approach the unit managers that are suffering the most, review the situation, the impacts that it is having on the unit and then figure out how to deal with the problem. He must
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It always shows the ways on how to go about accomplishing the change. If the CEO of Voici Brands would follow this image step by step, no doubt the company will be successful. Yes, each unit head will not agree to the entire changes taken place and might not quite understand why a change has to take place, but if the CEO can provide good arguments and reasons why he is implementing this change, then there should be no issues within the company.

“Two years earlier, Marquise had consolidated its supply chain operations by outsourcing all its product lines to the supply chain city.”(Harvard Business Review, September 2005) This statements supports the strategic change initiative that Voici Brands is about to go through. If Voici Brands were to take this same approach as the Marquise company, this could help cut cost, save time on marketing the product and the arrival of the product, therefore producing more sales when the customers called for it most. Because the Marquise Company was able to deliver faster and more efficiently, business unit leaders became willing to partners in consolidating supply chain services. The image concepts will be very helpful to a practicing manager. Based on what I have learnt from the text and the case study material, if a practicing manager were to put these steps into place, he or she will be successful in managing change. All the practicing manager has to do is follow the