Imaginary Crime Scene Essay

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Imaginary Crime Scene/Mass Disaster
Lawanda Holloman
Kaplan University
Crime Scene Investigation II CJ370

In this paper, I am going to describe each specialized personnel that will be needed at the scene of a crime or mass disaster. I will inform you of what duties each of these specialized individuals will possess. You will be able to know and understand each of these responsibilities. At midnight on January 1 a call comes in of multiple gunshots fired at 123 ABC Blvd. Officer Black responds to the call and is the first on the scene. Upon his arrival Officer Black notices a white male lying in a pool of blood with multiple gunshots. He notated that the shell casings were of .38 caliber and 9mm. Officer Black secures the crime
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The forensic scientist that is available on the scene of the crime should be able to recognize, identify, collect, and preserve any physical evidence (Fisher, 2004). The forensic scientist has special training, also in chemistry and biology education. Forensic science technicians handle many kinds of evidence--including but not limited to, evidence that came from a weapon, marks made by a tool, hair, blood, soil and glass (Cox, 2010). The fingerprint specialists have a very important role in being able to obtain some prints that the perpetrator may have left behind. A tool that is very useful in finding fingerprints is a flashlight. The fingerprint specialist is responsible for preservation of all prints that are fond at the scene. He/she is to look for 3 main groups of prints which include plastic fingerprints, prints containing foreign matter (visible prints), and latent prints. Last, but certainly not least you have the team of the crime scene investigating officers. The crime scene investigating officers are responsible reconstructing the crime scene, ascertain a sequence of events, and recover any and all physical evidence of the crime just to name a few. Teamwork in a criminal investigation is the key. The investigator must ensure that everything is documented. The investigator must make sure that they obtain the basic facts. As the investigator, you must ensure that there is a chain of custody in place for