Essay on Imaginary Friend and Invisible Companion Barnabus

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Title: The Invisible Companion

Barnabus Chapman had a very peculiar name. His name was Barnabus Chapman. At a very young age, he developed an invisible friend, which is not very uncommon, except this invisible friend is not like the others. Everybody thought young Barnabus was going through a phase because, after all, he was just a child; however, nobody knew that this phase would never end. As the child grew older, he became very frightened of his companion. He began to out bad thoughts into young Barnabus’ mind. The only other person who knew he still existed was his father, Prescott Chapman. He became very concerned considering his child’s health, so he took his son to a psychologist. Long story short, Barnabus wasn’t happy, nor was his friend! The psychologist told his father, “When he gets older and still has his imaginary friend, then bring him back to me.” Years later, the friend was still there, only something had progressed. This friend had taken some human traits. It could now touch and manipulate people. Let me mention that Barnabas isn’t a young boy anymore. He is now in his early twenties, so the father knew what he had to do. He took him back to the psychologist, and she diagnosed him with Dissociative Identity Disorder; except Barnabas and his friend knew this wasn’t the case. This angered the Invisible Companion and all of his built up anger caused him to do something horrible. This somehow supernatural, invisible person had killed the elderly psychologist and framed the father! He took the fathers cell phone and used the prints on the phone and placed them on the murder weapon. Barnabus was furious with him, but what could he do? He continued to kill and suddenly turned into an absolute frenzy. His killings were so brutal that the news reporters closed the cases as animal attacks. Barnabus had enough, so he did the only thing he could do: He went and to see Madam Willa his local psychic. He walked into her dark, gloomy shop. The only light was the occasional candlelight. She had a gothic painting, which really caught his attention. There was a handsome man with long curly blond hair dressed in a fine silk. He had a mirror in his hand, but his reflection from the outside was not in the porceline hand mirror. Instead you seen his reflection of what he was on the inside a monster with blood dripping out of his sharp fang like teeth. His eyes are what really intrigued Barnabus the most; they were solid black as if he had no soul. Barnabus found strange comfort in this disturbing painting. All sorts of these fine paintings were hung all over her deep royal purple striped walls. He noticed on her table in the center of the room was a shiny metal stand with weeping angels decorated around the circle with a crystal ball surrounded by tarot cards. Then as he sat down and worn out Ouija board descended from above landing in front of