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Tourism industry:
Trends and happenings
Jennifer Terrazas
California State University, Eastbay

Tourism Industry: Trends and Happenings It all begins with serving the tourist. Tourism is one of the main roles in where many hospitality companies provide different types of services. It can be exciting for tourist to travel to another place such as inside the country or out. People have different options on what transportation should they arrive in. It can be by car, bus, train, airplane, or ship. People mainly travel by airplane to get to their destination quickly. While others rather spend their money on renting a car to get to their destination plus buying more gas on the way. Today trends people are using more technology than ever because it’s a convenient way to get information on how much transportation cost and how much the hotel room cost for the night. As for hotels plays an important role in the tourism industry. Hospitality is a major part in a hotel. People want to feel welcomed and feel satisfied with the service that was given. Anyone wants to be welcomed and feel like their important. This will make a person feel appreciated and want them to go back again next vacation. The most frequent people are usually the elderly people. These people want to be in a safe and secure area where they want to have everything in their hands. That’s why the work hard to be able to retire and enjoy the rest of years they have. Most of these elderly people are wealthy and they want the best service they can get. Overall, it can be an experience to learn from when traveling to another country. Depending on how they person perspective is it can be a positive or negative impact on them. It can be positive because you will learn on how other people live and how tourism has impacted the people that live in the foreign country. Every year many tourism industries are waiting for the vacation season to come because that’s when the economy goes well for many employers who work in this industry. That’s why if you’re planning on traveling it’s smart to save away your money.

Summary of articles:
A brief description about on the first article is how there is an increase of employment for everyone especially women in Mexico for example. These women are now the head of the household and don’t have to depend on the man.
Economics and Social Impacts in Mexico
The second article is about article is about how technology will continue to expand in the tourism industry. People are demanding for better quality in products and information on different places to travel. Information technologies give opportunities for each party. The third article is about increasing number of tourist especially elderly people. The reason is these people are retired and most of them have money to spend to travel to other countries. The fourth article is about how hotels are an important part of the tourism industry. The last article is about understanding the behavior of tourist which is an important because you want to win the tourist to feel welcome and satisfy them with the service that is given. Discussion:
Technology will continue to expand in the tourism industry. The reason is many tourism industries want to impress the tourist by making it more convenient to make a decision on a smartphone or computer. With just a click away you will have the transportation, hotel room, and other activities booked for a fantastic vacation. Buhalis reports that, “the key to success lies in the quick identification of consumer needs and in reaching potential clients