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Table of Contents

1.0) Executive Summary –
2.0) Situation Analysis – Rachel Fairbanks, Alli Slaughter, Karis Berry
3.0) IMC Plan Target Market Specifications (CVD) – Gillian Gammon
4.0) Organization/Service Positioning – Jeremy Pearson
5.0) IMC Objectives
6.0) The Unique Selling Proposition
7.0) IMC Campaign Strategy
8.0) Creative Brief
9.0) The IMC Mix – Tactics
10.0) Budget
11.0) Measurement and Evaluation
12.0) References - ALL

2.0 Situation Analysis

Organization History

Camp Smile-A-Mile, or Camp SAM for short, is a nonprofit organization which provides kids with cancer an unforgettable recreational and educational experience. Having been around since 1985, they have served the needs of 19,210 campers across in the state of Alabama. They offer many different camps and programs and have an outstanding record of providing child cancer patients with avenues for fellowship, ways to cope with their disease, and preparation for how to live life after cancer. In the past they started by having a single week long camp, but have grown into a program that offers seven camps throughout the summer that are free of charge for both parents and their children. Currently, they put on multiple fundraising events throughout the year, such as Red Nose Ball, Ride of Love, Funky Monkey, and many more which provides most of the revenue generated to send cancer patients to the camp for free. It also offers a way to get the word out about Camp Smile-A-Mile, along with their Twitter and Facebook page, which only has 182 followers, 2,744 likes and 153 visits. At each event, sponsorships are welcomed in order to raise awareness and put on the event. The significant environmental influences for this organization seem to be mostly social, with the fact that children’s cancer is a serious subject that is very touching to many people. There are many unique features that this program offers, such as the fact that they are the only camp in Alabama for childhood cancer. They also are free-of-charge for the patients and are operated by Children’s of Alabama, which raises large amounts of revenue and donations. Problems that seem to exist with this service is their lack of people who know about them. Since they are providing kids with such a unique opportunity, it should be easy to spread the word. Also, as said before, since childhood cancer is such a touching subject, many opportunities exist when it comes to donations and sponsors. At this time, with 7 camps offered, Camp SAM serves about 450 patients each year, as well as offering kids who are unable to travel to camp an option as well. Although, another problem that exists is their low number of donations because of lack of donor knowledge and with an increase in that, more patients would be able to be given the opportunity to go to camp.

Service evaluation

At this time, Camp SAM has no competition due to the fact that they are the only camp in Alabama that offers children this opportunity. Looking at camps outside of Alabama, although they may not be competition, there are many different services and ideas that they offer their patients that Camp SAM can take advantage of. Camp Kesem for example, is a camp which can be found on college campuses and recruits students to help these children with cancer. The turnout is high because college students are willing to volunteer and give their time to these children in need. Camp Sunshine on the other hand, is a camp which has done events all over the state of Georgia, from wineries, to coffee shops, to walks and runs, to bass fishing tournaments, all to raise awareness for their camp and get the word out there. As for the CVD perceptions, there are no complaints coming from parents or children. The efforts of Camp SAM are praised and comments such as “I haven’t seen my daughter smile or laugh this much in months” or “Camp SAM is all that is best about human nature and has been the brightest star in our dark sky”, are what keep people