Imc Plan for Pringles Essay

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'In revitalising the brand, the goal is not only to generate added sales levels but to have them based upon enhanced equity, a move which involves improved recognition, enhanced perceived quality, changed associations, an expanded customer base and increased loyalty.'

David A. Aaker Professor of Marketing Strategy at University of California at Berkeley.

Table of contents
1. Formal introduction

The report that is presented is based on integrated marketing Communication plan for introducing new flavor of Pringles potato Chips Product i.e. Pringles pizza. The theme of the report is to present an integrated marketing communication plan regarding Pringles-pizza potato chips from year 2008 to 2009. The report will first highlight
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It is therefore necessary to segment the market and look at particular trends in the UAE chips market. There are two key trends, which are the growing demand for healthier alternatives and the market of targeting ethnic groups with specific products regarding their interests. For Pringles-pizza every individual in the UAE with a middle class status can be considered a potential consumer. Though, in order to target specific markets, Pringles divides the target market into the following market segments:
Consumers under the age of 18: This is when Pringles is marketing to a younger generation. These potential customers still live at home with parents. They rely heavily on parents to purchase the product for them. In this segment, Pringles will try to capture brand awareness among parents.
Consumers between the ages of 18 to 24: Pringles is still marketing to a younger generation, but these customers are either in college, moving away from home, and/or starting new jobs. In this segment, Pringles will try to capture brand awareness and loyalty.
Consumers between the ages of 25 to 35: Pringles is marketing to customers who are established in their job market and who are starting families. In this segment, loyalty has already been established.

As consumer are becoming informative about various ingredients used in snacks, Pringles-pizza appeal to those consumers who are health conscious. For this reason, designer of packaging