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Under Armour Advertising Campaign Belch states an advertising campaign “is a set of interrelated and coordinated marketing communication activities that center on a single theme or idea that appears in different media across a specified time period” (275). Under Armour came out with an advertising campaign in 2014 that advertises their new shoe Apollo Speed Form. There were multiple commercials that were aired. The ads that I researched had a lot in common. Under Armour has been attempting to enter the market with a strong force that is based on fair prices, with a sporty look that is very high class. Their prices are similar to Nike, which is a leader in the sports apparel industry. Under Armour has the advantage over Nike to their target market due to their creative marketing techniques, in which this advertising campaign is a part of. The particular ads that I researched were based on Under Armour and their creative tactics based on style, intensity, emotion, and originality. The process of “how a message strategy will be executed” is known as a creative tactic, and Under Armour did a great job drawing the audience using this (Belch 259). The first commercial had a man running through what it seemed as a graveyard for antique jets, airplanes, and cargo planes. Some of them seemed to be equipped with war missiles, and others stripped of any unnecessary weight. The ad had the man running through the airplane grave yard with jet engine sound effects added for a more creative audiovisual experience. As he was running, there were speed junkies that seemed to be airplane pilots, interacting with this blazing “Apollo” runner. These speed junkies were staring in awe, as they took pictures of the runner. There was also a creative connection between a fighter jet, the Apollo rocket ship, and the shoe. This commercial helped the viewer visualize speed and hard work in a creative manner. It also allowed Under Armour to tell the viewer that if they buy this product, they will feel on top of the world, as the man does in the ad. The second commercial was very similar to the first. The ad started off with a physically fit man running to the countdown of what seemed like a NASA rocket ship getting ready to launch. This ad emphasized the new updated technology, which was supposedly the same technology that NASA has used. These ads were very close in visual similarity. In Both commercials were visually appealing physically fit individuals. Visualizing oneself in the character’s shoes is what Under Armour is aiming for. Under Armour did well with depicting divergence in this ad through its creative originality, elaboration, synthesis, and artistic value. Divergence in this ad is “the extent to which an ad contains elements that are novel, different, or unusual” (Belch 262). These ads were both based on some type of aerodynamic flight apparatus. The first ad had space shuttles going into flight as did the second ad. Both ads creatively placed the character and space shuttle in an intense, emotional, and stylized manner that draws in the viewer. Verbally, these ads aimed to tell the viewer of the latest technology that has been built into the shoe. One commercial told the viewer how the same technology is being used by NASA, while the other described the type of athlete one will become if they are to wear the shoe. Attitudes of the ads that I researched are almost identical. They were both promoting a new era of shoe that also had the most updated technology, best look, while also combining a creative twist of historical references. Both commercials had a point to show hard working and determined individuals wearing their shoe. Toward the end of both ads Under Armour puts their key idea into a few words through the slogan “This is what fast feels like” (Belch 275). In general, I pads, tablets and technology of this sort are up and coming. I believe that this sort of technology needs to gain some popularity to be a force to