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China Thomas
September 18, 2012 international Business Management
Case Study: Australia and New Zealand: Doing business with Indonesia
1. Using this case and the cultural dimensions explored in this chapter, discuss some of the ways in which citizens of Australia and New Zealand are members of cultures very different from any other in Asia.
Cross-cultural boarders behavior in Indonesia as, in the rest of Asia signifies the importance of developing long-term relationships to yield a profit differing from other areas such as, Australia or New Zealand. Strong relationships are imperative to the cultural success of other Asian civilizations. 2. In what respects is the Indonesian archipelago unique in Asia?
The Indonesian archipelago is unique due to its terms of extent and diversity. Climate conditions, raw material resources, and terrain vary among locational destinations. Some regions experience heavy rain while, others areas may experience drought.
3. What characteristics of Indonesian workplaces arc referred to in this profile?
Indonesian workplaces consist of morally-based managers that emphasis harmony, understanding, and mutual respect. Also, it is essential for managers to maintain a workplace whereas individual cases, religious obligations, and cultural needs are considered. Individual sensitivity is greatly stressed throughout the Indonesian culture. A more lax environment is given to citizens of Indonesia, an environment where individual sensitivity is provided. However, efficiency, productivity and effectiveness take priority in Western cultures. Western management techniques include strategic planning,