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There is a verity of effects on the Latin community when it comes to illegal immigration. One of these effects is not enough scientific technical workers that can improve the future, not just fix the present like labor workers do. Another effect is the high amount of tax free workers which denies funding for education, civic structures, and state protection. All this can come down on the family in a very negative way such as stress of there friends being deported and even their own family members being deported. These things are all effects of illegal immigration.
There are not enough scientific technical workers that can improve the future because the vast amount of illegal people that go for easy quick fix jobs. Most of the immigrants rely on family orientated morals, because of this when the family needs help with work the kids drop out to help thus causing unskilled people when it comes to high end jobs. This is not good for the community because we need smart people.
Most illegal people actually do contribute to taxes buy consuming and selling items. But not all feel they should contribute, instead they send the extra money back home intern hurting our economy. The majority of immigrants do chose to pay taxes illegal or not, which has helped out our economy.
Latino families have undergone a lot of stress regarding the deportation aspect of immigration. They are stressed because they worry about their wife, their children, and/or their best friend being