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March 25, 2015
They are Human Too.

The United States spends over eighteen billion dollars every year on border patrol. The

United States has claimed war on its newest enemy, immigrants. Immigrantants go through so many hardships, The United States constitution states all humans are entitled to certain unalienable rights; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness I believe they should have basic rights as humans in our country.
The United States of America was known for its welcoming arms to those who needed to escape persecution, disease, drought, or poverty. But, in its more recent years America has been not as welcoming, when you get to America you are welcomed by an eightteen billion dollar border with thousands of armed border police officers. ("SECURITY OVERKILL) The treatment of immigrants at the borders are harsh. They are stuck in highly air conditioned cells, which is supposed to be a two day holding cells, for weeks. They are forced to sign deportation documents, assault the immigrants, even as far as sexually abusing the Immigrant workers.
(Braken "Immigrants, legal groups allege harsh treatment at U.S. border")
The rights of these immigrants are in desperate need of revision. Yes, they are here in our country illegally but look at it from their perspective they are risking their lives to leave the hardships of their country for a very small chance to get in our country for a better future. They also know they have an even bigger chance of being killed on the journey or on American soil by

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our Immigration officers. That is a huge risk for them to take but yet they do to possibly ensure a better future for themselves and their family.
Immigrants have very little rights. The few rights we have include a hearing by an immigration judge, representation by immigration lawyer, reasonable notice of charges, opportunity to examine, translator, and clear convincing grounds for deportation. (Slack
The immigrants still should have basic rights including the right to life. The Webster dictionary describes the right to life is the principle that says every human has the right not be murdered unfairly. (Webster "Right to life") Our constitution also states that all humans are entitled to the right of liberty. Liberty is the right to make your own choices in reason without government control. Lastly, they are guaranteed the right for the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness is the right to search after what makes you happy. These are the basic human rights set forth in our country's constitution.
Immigration is a good thing in my opinion, They take the jobs at the bottom of the food chain, happily. They create jobs for the citizens of the United States. Immigrants also are some of the most dedicated people when it comes to work and education. The United States government thinks that immigration to our country is one of the worse things because its causing them to spend money on new laws and section eight housing, (FAHMY "Expensive Aliens: How
Much Do Illegal Immigrants Really Cost?") but in reality isn’t that an investment into the future of our