Immigrants: Censorship and Gay Marriage Essay

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Censorship has always changed the way we looked at things around us in more acceptable way. Censorship is ruining the reality by altering a piece of work to be unoriginal and lose what it meant to be, or an action that might be unfair since people have different opinions about what should be censor. I think censorship is like the remote control when it’s with parents around them children, which allow them to select what children should or shouldn’t watch. I believe that there is no such thing to be censored since even secret documents about the government are all over the Internet. People have the right and freedom to express themselves in which way they want because it’s really debatable how we consider something appropriate or not.

Nobody can change what people believe in by just telling him or her what to do, especially when it’s about artistic work. In“ Ian Inglis, The Ed Sullivan Show and the (Censored) Sound of the Sixties ” presented an example of Bob Dylan who was asked to censor his song and perform another one. When “…. the network editor Stowe Phelps that he could not sing it as the lyrics might be consider libelous”( In Inglis 561) , he refused the channel’s demand and left the studio. It’s fascinating how his reputation rapidly increased as a result of his refusal, and achieved his dream even that he wasn’t on the most famous show at that time. People really admired and liked how he reacted to the show, and I personally think that he might be less famous if he appeared on the show. Dylan didn’t want to perform another song in a show that didn’t at least respect his believes. It was unprofessional for the show to tell Dylan to present another piece just a few hours before his performance.

Artists always have a great impact of the pieces they create and deserve to be respected as they express their own believes and feelings in different ways. Society can’t tell people what to listen to or watch within its boundaries. With globalization, everything is non-censored for the people who have the desire to explore anything new. For example, If something is accepted in a country and not accepted on the other, people would go to the other country to see what they were prevented to see. Moreover, if the authority of censorships want to delete something from the Internet that is not appropriate as they do that in Saudi Arabia very often, the people would be seen it already since most people have accounts in social media network websites, which give them the opportunity to receive any information instantly through their smartphones. There are some crazy people who would spend hours and days looking for anything has been censored and try to see it. These people claim that they have the freedom to see any material that meet their desires weather it impacts them in a negative or positive way. Moreover, people against censorship say that it’s not affecting anyone, but who are willing to see it or be exposed to it. Everyone is responsible of what to choose among the good and bad things, so people should have self-censor with things they don’t find appropriate to see as they censor the internet and choose particular things they enjoy doing.

Some people in Saudi Arabia don’t allow their children to watch movies because they might have some nudity on them. In the last few years, channels started to show kissing scenes, but it’s still strongly not accepted by society. Families taught their children to cover their eyes when kissing scenes comes up, even if we were all boys and our families not around. The culture and society of Saudi Arabia didn’t accept kissing and half naked scenes to be shown on the TV because people are not familiar with it and they will be anxious about it. One time when I was ten years old, we were watching a movie with my cousins at night. Suddenly a guy came up to the girl and started to kiss her. Then, we looked at each other and said “ don’t look don’t look, “ and right after