Immigration Act 1924

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What was the Immigration Act of 1924? The Immigration Act of 1924 was an act passed to help control the number of immigrants that were allowed into the United States by an origins quota (milestones). The act came to be after events brought a flood of immigrants into the country and made controlling the immigration numbers of the country harder for the government. The act was ineffective because the visa limit was so little and the literacy test was inadequately applied. The result of the act was increased tensions between the United States and many Asian countries, especially Japan.
The Immigration Act of 1924 , also known as the Johnson Reed Act, was signed into law in late May of 1924. It signified the first major attempts at trying to
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After the war many of the Latin Americans who primarily were Mexican entered the work industry to provide a working labor services like farming or anything pertaining to the war industries. This was good for farming and war industries but the major factor to this was when the Latin Americans came into the country because they were working for a labor force they would be exempt for citizenship from the quota system put in place by the law. After the bill was implemented the demographics change significantly, the immigration of the country was almost thirty percent Latin American, Mexican, and many of the of the freed slaves, Greeks, and poor and illiterate people who came into the country were ignored by the act. Although most of the immigrants had a terrible time trying to get into the national origins quota the Asians and the black descendants had the worse of the problems caused by the federal …show more content…
“The results of this legislation were seen as an immediate and drastic drop in immigration”(Dulles 305). This legislation was moved for the sole purpose of having ended illegal aliens from entering the country and not having to pay for things like taxes, but it was also made to keep back suspected terrorism because at this time war was a big concern and the entry of terrorists would also put our country in a crisis if we were to be attacked from the inside of the heart of the country.
The Immigration Act of 1924 had a decent amount of flaws, but it also had it good sides of it. The act would go on to be later renewed years later and we still use of the policies from the Immigration Act of 1924 today. The policy for the immigration quotas is still in place although the numbers and percent of the immigration numbers have gone up. The overall effect of the Immigration Act of 1924 was that immigration was decreased