Immigration and Crime Essay

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April 3rd, 2013

Midterm Paper
Analyze 3 course Readings

What is it that causes people to go against others and do harm to them? Why do they do this? Hate crimes have been committed since the beginning of time and they are still going on, for example after the attacks on the World Trade Center, people in the United States specifically picked out Muslims and intentionally hurt them because it was “their people” who caused thousands of lives to be lost at the multiple sites where the airplanes had crashed. We would all see on the television hate words and hate actions towards these people who had nothing to do with the attackers but because they wore veils or had a heavy accent and wore turbans they were targeted. Hate crimes occur in many places around the world not only in the United States. The following three articles have this topic in common; hate crimes and how they affect the public and the victims. These victims being immigrants, people who leave their homeland to look for a better future for themselves and their families but end up being isolated by the members of the receiving country. They are targeted for being outsiders, beaten on and denigrated. What is the government doing about this problem? Can we even call it a problem or is just something that happens and can be dealt with by a local police officer? In the reading Reactive Solidarity: Anti- Asian Violence, the author describes the many hardships that Asian Americans had living in the United States. Asian Americans had to go through a lot to become more “accepted” into the main society, the majority of the American population could not and did not distinguish whether a person was Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, they were all clumped together into one group, Asian Lumping; this is what the author called it. The author states that anti-asian hostility took a violent turn in the mid-nineteenth century, where whites would stone Chinese immigrants in the