Immigration Argument Analysis

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Immigration is like a moving train in America, it is impossible to stop but whether or not it is beneficial to America. In the debate “Does Immigration Increase the Virtues of Hard Work and Fortitude in the United States,” many believe that immigration has taken away people's jobs and relies heavily on government benefits, arguing against immigration, Mark Krikorian begins his argument stating transportation makes immigrants less gritty, Krikorian believe that the change in transportations and community has lower the risk immigrants used to face while undertaking the dangerous journey thus making immigrants less gritty. Krikorian present his second argument by stating that “Welfare use among immigrants debunks the fable of the grit-bearing …show more content…
“For affluent, which included a disproportionate number of whites, the large labor pool provides them with a ready supply of gardeners, maids and nannies. For businesses in need of cheap manpower, the same is true” (Booth 82), in many cases certain races are hired for certain jobs due to stereotyping; Mexicans are believed to be good at taking care of plants, so many will hire them as gardeners. Although many believe that as more immigrant flood the cities there will be less job opportunity for the people in that area. In fact “there is no evidence to support this view… immigrants actually create more jobs than they fill. The job immigrants take are of course easier to see, but immigrants are often highly productive, run their own businesses, and employ both immigrants and citizens” (Cole 690). So rather than taking jobs, the increase of immigrants has created more jobs and with the wave of incoming immigrants, business will experience an increase in sales. “Immigrant workers spend their wages in U.S. businesses—buying food, clothes, appliances, cars, etc.—which sustains the jobs of the workers employed by those businesses. Moreover, businesses respond to the presence of new workers and consumers by investing in new restaurants, stores, and production facilities. The end result is more jobs for more workers” (American Immigration Council). But even if this misconception were true, as Binswanger stated in his article “Immigration Quotas vs. Individual Right,” “There is always more productive work to be done. If you can give your job to an immigrant, you can get a more valuable job” (628). Although immigrants do take jobs away from Americans, as more immigrants immigrate to America more jobs are created and with the immigrants taking all the low paying jobs, Americans will be motivated to search for a better