Immigration Argumentative Analysis

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Many U.S citizens think that immigrants are affecting the U.S by coming over and not knowing their life situations they are going through, some for getting a better life, or positive intentions to get a real future. In the second perspective it lets immigrants to come over to the U.S, but in order for that the government need to see for immigrants produce a positive outcome for our nation. For example, there are places where they can go get a permit to work and to pay taxes to get the government's benefits. Also, it is not fair for immigrants not wanting to collaborate for the nation. Now a days they are making laws and businesses that gives immigrants an opportunity to stay. Another example, Martin Luther King was an activist leader …show more content…
Many people think that all the immigrants are coming with the tensions of being criminals and ruined the community. For example, Cesar Chavez was an mexican activist and was also fighting in the civil rights movement to help mexicans get better wages and living conditions to be getting together with the whites; however, they thought they were illegal aliens. Donald Trump is also a democratic politician that is against immigrants for them to not come over to the U.S . I know that people are doing this for their safety and to protect their children from any incident. The majority of the immigrants want a job to provide for their families and children ,but they are unacceptable because they see them differently from others. In the first perspective we have to let immigrants to come in this free country and be superior community. Also having a good impact in our nation because we have an opportunity in being in an freedom country ,so they have also the rights to come over and have equality with everyone else. Another example, native americans were being kicked out of their country supposedly being immigrants and the only immigrants are us because they were the first ones to conquered the United States. They have the right to stay; however, they have done houses and cabins and it was a beneficial start for the U.S. Immigration has been an important factor in the nation for many years. It is not going to change at all because it is a revolving issue that we, as a united nation, must agree on having equal