Immigration At The End Of The 19th Century Essay

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Immigration at the end of the 19th Century

The U.S was founded from immigration and continues to grow with new immigrants to this very day. In the 19th century the U.S saw growth and urbanization due to the increase and diversity of immigrants. The 19th century began a few changes to the face of the country and immigration. The two biggest changes were the amount of people immigrating and the formation of laws and restrictions to new immigrants.
The main groups that came to the U.S in the late 19th century were Germans, Brits, and Scandinavians. These groups focused on finding groups in their ethnic groups. Majority of these immigrants were un-skilled workers who knew nothing beyond what their homeland taught them. Unlike the previous immigrants, these new immigrants could not move out to the country to continue farming. This caused a mass flood into the cities. With the increase in people flowing into the cities there began a formation of ethnic neighborhoods, or “immigrant ghettos”. These became safe havens for newer immigrants to flood to. These neighborhoods also helped form some of our cities cultures. Chicago became a hub for Polish immigrants and New York home to Irish and Germans. With the mass flood to the cities this caused laws and restrictions to be formed.
These laws and restrictions were placed to help keep cities regulated and running smoothly. These laws required a bigger and more structured and involved government. Sometimes these laws did more harm than good. The Chinese