Essay about Immigration: Culture and Different Cultures

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If society and culture comprise the foundation, lumber, mortar, and brick that form a person’s worldview, and then self-view, is the blueprint (Schmidt, pg. 23). In theory, a person’s self-concept consists of countless perceptions incorporated into a unique understanding of oneself and the surrounding world (Schmidt, pg. 23). After watching the Frontline video The Daring Lesson, racism, prejudice, discrimination and segregation can be influence at a young age. In this video the teacher use her exercise to teach the students the learning experience that someone of different skin color can be treated wrong and that it was not something nice to do. As in the Clark Doll Experiment done in 1939 was an experiment done by Dr. Kenneth Clark where they asked color children to choose between a color doll and a white doll. The dolls were the same except for their skin color but most thought the white doll was nicer (Abagond, 2009). I believe some kids are taught from their parents to discriminate and the people they hang out with. Sadly it still exists around us today as we speak.
As a human service worker, we should be aware of the different cultures in our community so we can help assist them and give them the right kind of resources. I have heard that some clients will only prefer service worker who share the same kind of skin color, race and culture as them. I recall making a statement about how Hmong are scare to go to the doctors because they feel that they will only be experimented on just like how one of my previous classmate stated about how Black people were scared to be experimented on drugs to cure diseases. Cultural competence refers to an