Immigration Dbq Analysis

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The century following 1820 is divided into 3 great periods of immigration. The first and second period consisted of Great Britain, Ireland and Western Germany but towards the third period Southern and Eastern Europeans came in. Immigration swayed greatly yearly prior and post to WWI, causing major problems for the older immigrants. In times of need, the new immigrants were acknowledged but when that requirement was full-filled they were discriminated against this lead to The Chinese Exclusion Act. A political cartoon drawn in 1893 illustrates how an Asian man is being judged, thrown out and unable to vote due to his and social class (Doc, 1).Passed by Congress in 1882, “forever changed American relationship to immigration” by sanctioning definitions of race & social class as measures to define particular groups as “undesirable aliens,” …show more content…
At the same time, Americans are about equally divided in their opinions about current points in immigration, with half saying the number should be decreased, and the other half saying it should be maintained or even increased. The Pattern of illegal immigration between the U.S and Mexico begins and is supported due to the agricultural business. Constitutionally, the federal government is seen and held responsible for imposing and enforcing immigration law. A political cartoon shows lady liberty driving when she is stopped and pulled over by an Arizonian officer because of the color of her skin (Doc,6). The main political issues over immigration are about the role of race, federalism and the route to citizenship. Common grounds have been found, seeing immigration as an economic issue and understanding that short term solutions will not be effective on immigration