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Immigrants & the American Dream

What is the American Dream to which immigrants are drawn? How does this dream attract so many legal and undocumented immigrants to the United States? The important question is are the new immigrants in route to achieving the American Dream, or are they becoming side tracked into a back water with few opportunities, where the struggle is simply one staying afloat? Is the American Dream emplified more typically by such less glamorous outcomes as a steady job, a comfortable home and a secure future for their children? Does it still have relevance in our current society? Well I’m going to tell you.
The United States of America is truly a diverse nation. For more than two hundred years, people from all over the world have come to the United States in search of opportunity and a better life. These Immigrants have joined together to make a nation like no other. Different communities within the United States sometimes clash and certain groups have oppressed and exploited others. Today, however more and more Americans are realizing that each culture makes valuable contributions to America. Diversity is one of the greatest gifts we can offer the world!
Latinos are now the largest minority group in America and the fastest growing sector of the population. In the United States “Latino” is popularly used to refer to any person from Latin America. Technically, though, this is not the proper use of the term. Latino is a linguistic term, meaning it is based on language. The term “Hispanic” is similar to Latino. A person is considered Hispanic if they come from the Americas and speaks Spanish.
Many people think that immigrants are a bad problem here in the U.S. but the United States owes much of its economic and technological success to the efforts of immigrants. Despite such restrictions the availability of jobs and relatively high wages continues to draw millions of undocumented workers to the united states. All of this is just the beginning of what many immigrants face. There are many more problems such as health care issues, should or should not immigrants who serve in the military be granted citizenship? Should colleges keep offering in state tuition to immigrants or should they take it away? Can people hire undocumented workers for jobs or should they be punished if so? Should people that have been here several years and been following laws become citizens? Or should they simply get turned down for their race? What happened to America being home of the free?!
Health Care is very important to everyone in the United States. The United States has an ethical obligation to provide health care to illegal immigrants. Undocumented workers deserve health care as a reward for performing disagreeable and low paying jobs that American are unwilling to do. Denying illegal immigrants access to health care could also threaten public health by leaving serious contagious diseases untreated. Simply being in the United States illegally is not a sufficient reason to be denied health care. Although this may be a good thing for some it is just as bad for others. A flood of illegal immigrants threaten the U.S. health care system and public health. Several hospitals have gone bankrupt providing free health care to illegal aliens. “Anchor Babies” born in the united states that are automatically granted U.S. citizenship- have increased Medicare and other program costs.
If many people did not know there are many immigrants today that also serve in our countries troops. Due to this many immigrants have gained citizenship. This upsets many people, but it grants many people many more opportunities as well. The U.S. army is getting desperate. Having fallen twenty-five percent short of already reduced recruiting goals. There are two obvious solutions. Pull out of Iraq now or institute a draft. A solution in which illegal; immigrants are being recruited. However, the D.R.E.A.M. (Development, Relief & Education for Alien