Essay Immigration: Immigration to the United States and mee Moua Highlights

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Concept: Immigration
Definition of the concept: Immigration is the process of permanently staying in a foreign country.
Making Connections: This article by Mee Moua highlights society’s perspective on immigration. It summarizes a recent bipartisan poll where more than half of Americas agree that the immigration system needs to allow a way for immigrants to obtain citizenship. It shows that we need to reform the system to ultimately improve the United States. The idea behind this article is that the foundations of the United States are equality, diversity and opportunity. It was founded by people wanting to obtain better living, opportunities, and freedom. As of now, our immigration laws only allow 480,000 immigrants a year through the family system to obtain citizenship.
In class, we discussed how immigration drives much of the growth and diversity in the United States population (Class Notes, January 30). Research studies show that immigrant families are more likely to start their own business which contributes to a growing economy. According to the study, the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States would help cut the deficit if they were allowed citizenship.
The article is interesting because it informs the world that legal immigrants are typically more skilled than native-born Americans, thereby strengthening our standing in the global economy. According to our text, without immigrants, many rural towns would shrivel and experience a