Immigration: Immigration to the United States and Jose Moreno Hernandez Essay

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Nick Morales
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The United States of America has spent 6.5 billion dollars on the frontier from Imperial beach, California down to east Texas. According to figures given by the International Border and Water Commission approximately 350 million “people ” legally migrate to America(Gale). But,why do these people leap the border and amble in like if it was free? Well, Jose Moreno Hernandez lived half his life at la Piedad,Michocan he deterred the opportunity to migrate to California with his family hoping to reach the “land of the opportunity”. Jose finished high school, also proceeded to University of California at Santa Barbara, received his doctors degree on Electrical Engineering, and in July,15,2008 Mr. Hernandez was drafted to go on the NASA Space Shuttle Mission to The International Space Station. Do you have doubts about immigrants trespassing? You better compromise your mind set, before you judge "aliens" from foreign countries. Why should we be using all this money and time for these frontiers, When we could be using it for education and advocacy. “Remember one life, one chance”Bob Marley. Over the border the importing of illegal goods, illegal immigration, including drugs have created tensions with southern states of The U.S. Many people have been risking there lives to get an education or just a simple job ,like mowing a lawn, working at laboring factories,or maybe just risking there life's in front of a Home Depot. Cesar Millan has dedicated his life for dog training, also been payed millions and his heredity came from a ramshackle area in Mexico. Cesar was working with famous actresses canines,his first customer was Jada Pinkett Smith ,Will Smith spouse. Acording to Arizona Laws people as suceessfull as Cesar are not allowed in the state.
On April 23, 2010, Arizona state released this law that requires police officers to demand legal documentation for people who look illegal, HB 2281, which bans ethnic studies in public schools. George Wallace is responsible for theses action of segregation."segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever," words from the man who created these laws(NBC). These two laws discriminate the Civil Rights movements that our country fought for. There have been many injured family who have lost their dream their goals by such sagacious laws like HB2281. Various people are finding more situation like this on there daily bases. Today society has been conquering land trying to expand there borders and reinforce there boundaries. Many uncivilized people have been risking their lies over on