Immigration: Immigration to the United States and Hardworking Illegal Immigrants Essay examples

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Issac Reyes
Texas Government

Immigration With of illegal immigration on the rise and violence on the border, both the Republicans and the Democrats are now beginning to take notice. Both political parties want to end the violence and stop the illegal entrance in to the United States, but they have different views on how to tackle the issue.
Republicans support immigrants coming to the United States legally and want them to help build America just as they have done in the past. But in a new age of drug cartels, terrorist, and criminal gangs Republicans want to build stronger laws against illegal immigrants to protect those who are here legally and U.S. citizens. Illegal immigrants who do manage to gain entry in the United States usually work longer hours for less pay due to fear of being deported back to their home country, thus making employment harder for legal citizens. Republicans want mandatory use of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program to help enforce laws in the workplace. Republicans believe that the current administration and Democrats are not doing enough and not enforcing immigration laws the way they were meant to be. Democrats have a different approach towards illegal immigration. They believe that the immigration system is broken and needs to be retooled. One way they believe it can be fixed is that good, honest, hardworking illegal immigrants, who are making an economic impact in a positive way, can become tax-paying legal residence or citizens with the DREAM act. Democrats have managed to make the south-west border more secure than it ever has been in the last 20 years and illegal entry crossing the border has hit a 40 year low. They know that these are not