Illegal Immigration Research Paper

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Illegal Immigration
By the year 2050, Nearly 1 in 5 people living in The United States will be Immigrants. ( As predicted by scientist in the article “U.S Population Projections” by Pew Social Trends Staff.) Many people are starting to complain that Illegal Immigration is hurting the United States Population and Economy, but in reality, its not. People say that all immigrants just come here to take money from the U.S and send it back to their home countries, and when they get paid, they don’t pay income tax on their paychecks. The second reason is because people think immigrants just come in to steal low paying jobs and make competition to unemployed Native citizens. And that Illegal Immigrants who have children should not be granted education. These are some of the big things that people see wrong within immigrants.

People think Illegal Immigration is hurting the United States Economy because they come here just to take low paying jobs & not pay taxes, so the United States is losing money. This is a false statement, for it is estimated by Social Security Administration that about 75% of illegal immigrants are on formal payrolls and are paid just like everyone else, this means they also pay Income tax when they receive their checks, The other 25% is not documented because most immigrants are afraid to document their payments for the fear of becoming deported and/or losing their jobs (As it was recorded in statistics in the article “The Competition for Low-Waging Jobs” by The New York Times.) Another thing about immigrants taking jobs, the number of hours they work is 56% greater than an average low skilled native citizen (As it was recorded in statistics in the article “The Competition for Low-Waging Jobs” by The New York Times.) This shows a better sign of dedication from immigrants when wanting to work for something. They usually take two to three low paying jobs just to make a living. In addition to the thought that illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes, they even pay social security, it has been recorded that Immigrants pay about $7 billion per year . And since they aren’t even legal residents, when they retire they don’t get any of that money that they pay, it is basically “free money” for the government, this is a unfair treatment, that they are required to pay for something they don’t even get to have in the future. In order for illegal immigrants to get this money they paid, they must first file, which once again many are afraid to do for the fear of being deported.

A lot of people also believe that immigrants have nothing to offer for the United States,. “As long as there is poverty in the rest of the world and we export our culture through movies and television, people who are hungry are going to come here, There's no way to stop it.” a famous quote made by Dr. Alfredo Quinones (Recorded in the interview with The New York Times “A Surgeon's Path from Migrant Fields to Operating Room”) who was a illegal immigrant who literally hopped over the border and lived in a small mobile home where he paid $300 a month, and he only made $20 a day. (Recorded in the interview with The New York Times “A Surgeon's Path from Migrant Fields to Operating Room.”) He is now one of the United States greatest Brain Surgeons. Another good thing that comes from Immigration is racial diversity, this can show other countries that the United States can be home to any race and any background. This can draw good attention to those who take freedom from a country very seriously, and those people can later become America's next leaders as was shown by Dr. Alfredo.

Many think Immigrants should not have is education, because they think we're wasting tax dollars on them. There are about 50,000 to 60,000 Alien Children who graduate from high school every year, and they are restricted from going to college because they don’t have documents or visas (As recorded in the Article “Dream for the Future” by Washington Times.) So this stops