Essay on Immigration In America

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Immigration Would deporting the millions of illegal immigrants mean more jobs and a stronger economy? With little knowledge in this subject, I personally presumed that deporting all the illegal immigrants would only have good effects on this country. After doing some research on the matter and talking with my parents, it seems I was mistaken. There are actually many controversies that make valid arguments for keeping immigrants in the United States. Among the consequences of having undocumented workers stealing jobs from native-born Americans, there are also positive effects that I overlooked. When talking about the subject of immigrants taking jobs from native-born Americans, It’s important to understand how it is happening. Immigrants come to this country with a strong desire to make a lot of money and live a good life. However, because it is illegal for them to be here, business owners can get away with paying them less money because it is harder for them to find a job. Some business owners would rather illegally pay foreign workers less money, than pay U.S. citizens minimum wage or higher. Now for these citizens to keep their job they must bite the bullet and either take the lower pay, or move to a different field of work. Undocumented workers have lowered the wage for ten million citizens without a diploma by 7.4%. According to the Washington Post, 40 million foreign-born individuals now live in the U.S. resulting from the Immigration Act of 1965. In more recent years, the percentage of immigrants has gone up from 9.5% to 18%, from 1980 to 2000. For this many people to populate the country, several things have occurred such as traffic gridlock, environmental devastation, overcrowded schools, hospitals, and prisons. For the number of illegals who fail to pay taxes, tax payers’ cost for benefits go up and there is a shortage in public safety in certain areas. With all of the bad things that come from illegal immigration, stem a few good things. In certain ways, paying an illegal worker less can have its positive outcomes. For example, if a business owner pays less for his labor, that means he can potentially make more money and charge his customers less for his product or service, such as landscaping. In this case productivity also grows in a