Immigration Policy: Two Types Of Immigrants

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An immigration policy is any policy of a state that agree about the transit of individual across its border into the country, especially those individuals expect to work and stay in the country. Immigration policy can choose from allowing no migration at all to allowing most types of migration, this type is called free immigration system. Immigrant is a person who has a citizenship in one country and enters a different country to establish a permanent residence. However, there are two types of immigrant such as legal immigrant and illegal immigrant. A legal immigrant is a person who has entered a country different from where his/her have nationality with the determination to stay permanent residence in the new country. In this case, …show more content…
With the passport, customs can identify the person such as where he or she come from, if he or she been searching as a terrorist According the attacks of 9/11 the department of American security have an adjustment in the American passport and border security because it is one of the reasons for catastrophe in the national security in the United States. “All of the terrorists had been admitted by the U.S. customs and immigration official and the Bush administration aims to reform its border security regime in order to fix the problem of leaky border.”(Mark B. Salter) after the attack U.S. government and Canada created a new passport technology policy to keep the U.S. Canadian border remained open. However, passport identification document was an issue because she or he not investigate by the country they plan to visit before they get to the border. They became with a visa process, that will make the receiver country know more about the person before enter into the country “The passport is supplemented by the visa system, by which a country may vet potential travelers before arrive at the border” (Mark B. Salter). Passport is one of the document to identify someone who travel. But anybody can have a passport, who customs will identify if he or she authorize to cross the border, because terrorist can be any nation. It will be better to check the person information before they get at the border. In this case, the united States need to have information from anyone who want to come to the country before they arrive to the