Immigration: Race and People Essay

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Is the Emphasis on a Color-Blind Society and Answer to Racism ?

Many have argued over racism since the dawn of time. Racism has been around in America for many reasons some may not even be able to explain. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of racism is when African Americans were once slaves. I think if the world was color-blind I think the world would be at peace with everything in the world. Thinking about it, not knowing what color everyone was in the beginning of time, no one would feel superior above one another. Racism is defined as the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races. In the articles, both authors express there feelings towards the question asked. Ward Connerly believes that in order to achieve a unified American society, the government and private citizens must stop assigning people categories because of what type of race they are. The number one race I believe that goes through racism is the African Americans. Usually, when being an African American they are usually paid less when doing a job, denied education, have less access to the entire housing market because of the whites. A percentage of whites feel superior above blacks and feel that they can control some of them. I say this because, usually when entering a office trying to get a job the person who is usually ahead of everyone is usually white. White people tend not to want to accept the black person into the facility simply because they are black. I do not believe this is the white persons fault. I believe it is because of what America has pounded into people's thoughts making them believe that one race is superior against different races.

The color of our skin should have not made what America what it is today. It goes back to to the time when signs we being put up with “Whites Only” and “Colored People Here”. African Americans are not the only race being discriminated against. Muslims are always to be thought as terrorists just because of September 11th. Is it right to categorize a race just because of a certain person's actions? People have set a state of mind with what they think of people and that is always because of the color of their skin. White people are stereotyped to be preppy and rich while black people are stereotyped to be killers & stealers. If the world was color blind, would it make these thoughts go away or would it just give people a reason to talk about the next person they see? If America stopped categorizing the next person there would be less hate crimes, wars, and racial profiling. A number a people grow up to hate a person and when the hate builds up so much it makes them want to hurt the next person. If we concentrate on our similarities than our differences towards one another America could be in harmony.

In Connerly's essay he explains how he was having dinner with a group of supporters following a lecture. He goes on to describe a woman who said she would support him financially with his thoughts on the color blind society. Then while explaining his thoughts the woman said, “What you're doing is also best for your people.” Connerly thought about what she said especially when she stated the words “your people”. He did not fully understand what she meant saying “your people.” Who is exactly were these people she was talking about? Well of course, since Connerly was a African American young man she would mostly be pointing out to the black society. He went on to ask her what she meant by her statement. He clarified everything by stating how he has Irish, Vietnamese, Indian also in him, so wouldn't those be considered his people to? In the essay, it shows the woman was shocked because she really did not think about what she said before she stated it. America has promised equal justice before the law. The Declaration of independence and the Constitution stand as monuments to