A Brief Note On Immigration Reform

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Immigration Reform
Employment Law 222-401
Sheonna Brooks

In 1924 President Coolidge signed the Johnson-Reed Act which limited the number of immigrants allowed entry into the United States through a national origins quota. This Immigration Act was set to allow entry for two percent of the total number of people of each nationality in accordance to the national census totals. Guidelines were set as to where they were allowed to migrate to and from depending on a number of variables such as age, marital status, religious or academic background. This Act gave preference to those whom possessed skills in agriculture or related to US citizens.
Today immigration has become such a problem that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement had to release hundreds of immigrants from detention facilities because of their limited financial resources. Citizens often complain that on top of the recent budget and employment crisis that the number of people that have entered into the country illegally prevents them from being able to find jobs or receive state benefits due to the extra strain that has been put on states resource.
President Obama and his supporter have tried to come up with a plan that will allow those who are here illegally the opportunity to become legit based on things such as passing criminal background checks, paying taxes, educational status, and family ties. Fixing the legal system to where it attracts highly skilled immigrants that will help grow the economy.
It is my thought that everyone should be giving what they have worked for. Things must be earned not given, and if society was not ran according to who you know we wouldn’t have many of the issues that we have today. If government, state, or city officials would not be so concerned with being politically correct and more concerned with doing what’s best for the “people”, the greater good or even just doing their job in general then there wouldn’t be so many issues today.
As far as immigration If someone has taken the proper steps to be here then they should be afforded the same life opportunities as others that where born into this country, without any restriction’s. This country would be dysfunctional regardless of the number of legal/illegal immigrants that come and go, so I don’t have a problem with them being here. My problem lies with the fact that there are not enough