Immigration Reform Persuasive Essay

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Immigration Reform: A call to action. The evening news is ripe with controversial legislation, policy and debate from the lawmakers of the United States. Some of the most interesting headlines in recent history discuss the huge battles on labor laws in Wisconsin and Iowa, the anticipation of a Republican front runner for the upcoming Presidential elections, and discussion of our nation’s ability to understand and predict future happenings in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Any of these topics could spark a heated conversation in any coffee house or roadside diner in this country but perhaps there is no issue which stays on the forefront, which riles testy tempers, and which needs to be discussed so much as this country’s policies on …show more content…
An extensive research study conducted at the University of Missouri determined that stereotypes play a very significant role in the determining ideas regarding immigration in the minds of most people in the United States (Lu. 2010. P1326.). For example, when presented with a question regarding immigration policy in relation to an immigrant from Pakistan, one may have a shop owner spring to mind and the opinion on immigration may be sharply contrasted when the question is posed against a Colombian and a cocaine trafficker springs to mind. The study supports arguments that many of the laws today may have been enacted at times when racial stereotypes, knowingly or not, were very present and, in fact, were at the root of the legislation. Few in this country would argue that immigration is not an issue that needs to be addressed. We see story after story on immigration and the rights and responsibilities of immigrants. We know that there are changes coming as we can see them, we anticipate more, and, regardless of whether they serve as a benefit or detriment to our society, we understand they are necessary. The people of the United States understand that things cannot continue unabated and that the federal government simply must step in at some point, but many of us do so little. A