Immigration to the United States and Health Care Essay

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My documentary would be about a few of the states with the most debt, and why they’re in debt. Illinois, California, and New York are in the top ten most debt-ridden states of the United States. The state of Illinois has fallen months behind its payments due to businesses and organization, therefore leaving many businesses bankrupt. California has many illegal immigrants that don’t pay bills. New York borrows too much money that they don’t pay back. If I were making a real documentary I would try to make the citizens of the United States realize how poor of a condition our economy is (even though most people probably already knew this). I would start my documentary by comparing the debt of these three states to the debt of the states that are in better condition so people can really get an idea of how bad of shape those states are in. I think I would play a song about debt (if there is such a thing). For funding, I would go to the senator’s of the states that are in debt. As far as people’s “side” on the issue, I guess I would interview random people off the street about what their opinion is on the amount of debt and what they think the state should do about it.
This issue definitely affects the world because fewer jobs are available. If you have to raise taxes to pay off the debt, it might cause businesses to leave the state for a state with lower taxes. One solution is for the state to spend less on construction, health care, etc. so they have more money to