Essay on Immigration to the United States and Immigrants

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America is a combination of the culture of thousands of immigrants who settle in the US annually. These immigrants have brought their culture to the US and in one way or another theyve made a change in the country, whether through economy, education, work, or the military force. Without immigrants America would a totally different country. In order to provide opportunities to immigrants those who were brought to the U.S to get better education and stable job that could provide a family is also beneficial for our economy, security, and for nation. According to (Shikha Dalmia) The primary reason for this is that the case for open borders is counterintuitive. It is hard to see how, in a world with finite resources, allowing more people into a country would enhance its prosperity instead of leading to overcrowding, more job competition and lower wages. This explains what are the negative side of the open borders in United States. Many people might get affected by this however it also includes how this will better our economy. Closing the borders strongly shortens the freedom of billions of people around the world. Some people argue that it lead to dangerous situations for example Whenever you want to limit other peoples freedom in these ways, you need a good confirmation. So why would governments be justified in closing their borders Here are some famous reasons. Perhaps that the vast majority of immigrants are precarious people, and that this is the reason why borders can be justly closed. Or maybe they worry that immigrations would inspire different beliefs on our culture, or it might want to protect the wages and jobs of U.S citizens, some of whom might lose their positions to more competitive foreigners. One type of border is called controlling border. A controlled border means that the person who is entering is being documented and recording people movements across the border for later checked compliance with any condition associated with the Visa or other permission papers. This indicates that the government controls borders and every person gets background checked. A controlled border has limitations on what a person crossing the border. Government hires trusted employs to restrict the borders. Also it limits the length of time the person can legally remain in the new jurisdiction. A controlled border often requires some type of barrier, such as a river, ocean or fence from preventing loose track of control. The economic case for open borders its best for country with larger population would have many advances. No government, except perhaps North Koreas, would dream of trying to ban the movement of goods and services across borders trying to remove the movement of most people who produce goods and services is equally self-defeating. When it comes to the domestic economy, politicians are forever urging people to be more free, and to move to where the jobs are provided. This question always pops out in every politicians mind but if it is a good thing for people to move from Missouri to California in search of a better job, why is it so terrible for people to move from Mexico to the U.S. to work Globally, freer immigration contributes greatly to the worlds economy. Richer countries benefit greatly when workers from poor countries immigrate and take advantage of those countries capital system, technologies and institutions.Their economies become much more successful.Economists estimate that the worlds economy would double if immigrants were allowed to move more freely.Even a small reduction in immigration regulation could make big improvements. From an ethical point of view, it complicated to argue against a policy that would benefit the poor than ourselves. In fact a typical immigrant ends up 20,000 per year better off. And its not just the migrants themselves who gain its their countries of origin, too. Already, migrants born in poor countries and working in rich ones send money to their family