Essay on Immigration to the United States and Jobs

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Immigration causes many issues across America. Every day there are immigrants who come from across the border; however, some of them are illegal, which causes all of the controversy in America. Immigrants who flee here cause many problems and have a negative effect on the country; therefore, they need to stay in the places they are migrating from. Immigrants, like Ramon Zavala, who is the father of my good friend, Edith, have sad situations, and many Americans do sympathize for them. He had told me that in America, he worked as a fruit and Broccoli picker with low wages of $3.35 per hour. Also, Mr. Zavala had said that he had to work seventy hours in one week to provide for his family. While having a conversation with his daughter, Edith, she told me that some jobs he had while living in Mexico were selling gum and candy on the streets. So, you can see that conditions were harsh and needed to be taken care of, but I do not think some people should come to the United States and take the jobs of the Americans because living conditions are harsh somewhere else. Mr. Zavala’s previous jobs show that he did not have many available options of where to work. Jobs are such a problem now days; they should try harder to put different laws in action to help eliminate the job issues. In the end though, they need to stay put because they cause more trouble in America. In America, we have many unemployment issues already, and to add to it, the immigrants come and take our jobs. With illegal immigrants, employers do not have to pay full wages like they do for the Americans. Many people have “[one] concern [;]…undocumented workers who are willing to work for lower wages will hurt the job market for American workers by taking jobs and lowering wages” (Preston). With lowering the wages, the population could start receiving lower amounts of minimum wage. Also, if they receive the jobs on the market, it could make the Americans jobless. Some employers “hire [illegal immigrants] for wages lower than they would have to pay to hire the U.S. workers. [However,] this employment is illegal under a law…but some employers ignore the law and hire illegal workers…others simply accept fake…documents and hire the illegal workers as if they were legal (“Illegal Aliens taking US Jobs”). It is completely wrong for employers to accept the fake documents. Americans need the jobs too. Even though they hire illegal aliens, I think Caucasians need to be the most concern because the majority of the American population was born in the United States. Going back to the fake documents, I think it is necessary for businesses who do take fake IDs to be shut down or charged with an offense. It is stated that “…a state has the right to revoke the business license of employers who hire illegal aliens” (Valdez). It is important to people in the United States that these rights are taken away because the aliens should not be here in the first place. For some small examples from a 2011 report in the article “Illegal Aliens Taking U.S. Jobs”, Virginia has 185,640 jobs that are unavailable due to the fact that illegal aliens have taken them. Places farther away from the border have lesser immigrants; for example, Alaska has 7,140 (“Illegal Aliens taking U.S. Jobs”). This is important because it shows how different places are as to where the immigrants flee to. It is just two examples, but comparing them to other states, you could see major differences because the closer to the border, the more immigrants you will see. Most of the time when illegal immigrants “get across the border [;] [they] have jobs, as well as fraudulent documents waiting for them” (Taylor). A few years back, a Tyson plant got put out of business because they had certain jobs open for the aliens only. The government needs to protect the borders better that way the officials can catch the fraud in act, and issues that happen now, will not continue on. Next, there is an issue of the immigrants coming to