Essay about Immigration: United States and National Language

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Although America is the home of a variety of foreigners, America was meant to be an English nation. The foundation of the United States was built and created by immigrants that came from all different countries in search of the same thing: the opportunity for better life. Immigrants from Europe, Asia, South America and Mexico work very hard to get into the United States and learn our language in order to be able to interact with their fellow citizens for personal and business reasons. However, some illegal immigrants come without any ambition to adapt and learn to our culture and learn our nation’s language. Everyone has a different background and should honor their culture, but people should keep an open mind to learn a new culture when traveling or moving to a new nation with unfamiliar languages and customs. Illegal immigrants often refuse to adapt to our culture and learn our language. The government has not passed an actual law stating that English is the national language however, every speech and government document from past to present day president has been written in English. “America should have one language, the same language that has been the foundation of our country,” A Former President, Theodore Roosevelt, said. Although learning English is not required to gain citizenship to the US, Immigrants are vulnerable in a new environment, it is important for them to know English before choosing apply for a U.S citizenship in order for them well-versed in their