Immigration Video

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Immigration Video Essay

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of viewing a video about Mexican immigrants. However, this video was different from all of the previous videos I had watched about immigrants. For example, last semester, I saw a film in my undergraduate studies class also about Mexican immigrants. However, these immigrants only worked to provide for themselves and their families. The video I watched last Thursday was revolutionary because the union of illegal immigrant workers that the Mexicans created constructed many community projects as well as helping Mexicans back home. The video basically revolutionized the way I view illegal immigrants from Mexico in the United States. During the video, George Bush makes a few remarks on illegal immigrants. All across America, there are debates whether or not immigrants from Mexico should be considered “illegal” if they do not meet the requirements to enter the United States, or do not have the correct papers. At first, I believed that the way the United States government has it now is correct. Illegal immigrants, if caught or discovered, are sent back to Mexico. Because the immigrants were occupying American jobs for fewer wages, there was no way American low-class workers could compete. Thus, this prevents American workers from being employed, lowering the overall gross domestic product of the United States. Throughout the video, I saw that the immigrant workers, although illegal, helped out a lot in the community. At first, they had a project to construct a baseball stadium. The project cost them around $50,000, and required months of hard labor. However, once they were done, they were able to bring together the surrounding Mexican community through a fun sport everyone could enjoy. Not only did baseball teams play, but also instrumental bands and school performances. This selfless act of sacrifice by the immigrants was once of the examples that changed my mind. Next, the video depicts them driving an old ambulance around. I did not fully understand this part of the film, but they were doing it for charity purposes. Also, while they worked in the United States, they contributed a portion of what they earned for donations to their mother country, Mexico. The video said that the government in Mexico was very corrupt at the time, and that donations of money