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Mayra Pedroza
Dr. White
College Writing-8
February 24, 2012
Comparative Rhetorical Analysis Draft
YouTube is the New CNN
There is little doubt that few in our society have not heard about YouTube, is a site where you can broadcast yourself and either inform others or just to goof around. Steve Grove, a citizen journalist for Youtube, discusses the advantages of having a YouTube channel in political campaigns or in advertise mainstream media. Does YouTube really have an effect on how we view political issues or the way we connect to them? Grove introduces the how us as the audience interact with political issues or with anything that YouTube shares. An ad for YouTube, created by Moma a creative design company, advertise the use of Youtube, although the of the ad is in the 60’s or 70’s it still fits into our modern time. Both Grove and the YouTube ad show the benefits that YouTube has to offer. Although on is in text and another is a visual text the both achieve their purpose, YouTube is the new CNN.
YouTube is a new form of inform citizens the issues on hand, as Grove would like to say. It gives the opportunity for us the audience to give feedback, to reply, to comment, to rate and to share video responses. This opportunity is not only for the audience but also for the ones who created the channel. Political candidates will be able to interact with their audience and find the real issue and create a solution. As Grove said “YouTube is now the world’s largest town hall for political discussion” (177). Grove interacts with these issues because he is part of the community, he even introduces CNN, a reliable source for news, and the relationship Grove has had with it. Grove was able to explain though that YouTube may not always be so reliable. Millions of us are sharing videos technology has advance so much who knows if Obama really said that or if that dog could really skateboard. By using common sense though we can tell by the username that is provided by YouTube. Grove says “A viewer knows if the video they’re watching is coming from “jellybean109” or “thenewyorktimes”. Users also know that YouTube is an open platform and that no one verifies the truth of content better than the consumer” (179). YouTube makes it easy for society to be involved. There is no cost, no time limit, no limits on where you can or cannot see it. Youtube is everywhere and easy to access. “For those who have embraced them-and their numbers grow rapidly every day- the opportunity to influence the discussion is great. For those who haven’t, they ignore the opportunity at their own peril” (180).
The ad is no different. This ad was created in 2010, and YouTube was found in 2005. This ad appears to be created in the 60’s or 70’s showing