Impact Crusher Make Stone into sand Essay

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Marble is a metamorphic sedimentary carbonate rock, stone is one of the most common limestone or dolomite rock.The cause of the metamorphic recrystallization variable original carbonate mineral grains.The resulting marble rock usually by an interlocking carbonate crystal Mosaic.Main sedimentary structure and original carbonate (protolith) will usually be modified or destroyed.

Results the pure white marble very pure (silicate) poor limestone or dolomite rock.The characteristics of vortex and veins many color varieties of marble is usually by a variety of mineral impurities such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxide, flint initially present grain limestone or layer.Green, usually because the snake from the original magnesium limestone or dolomite, silicon impurity.These different impurities is mobilization and high-pressure recrystallization and thermal metamorphism.

By absorbing the advanced technology from the world, we research and design PF series of impact crusher.It can be used to deal with material, the size of less than 500 mm, its compressive strength less than 360 mpa.Therefore, it is widely used in many industries, such as chemical industry, metallurgy, road and bridge construction and sand production, etc.

Mining sand pebble, extra, because like a goose.Pebbles as a kind of natural stone, from years ago the ancient riverbed sand mountain uplift of the earth's crust movement, experiencing the flash floods hit, the continuous extrusion processing, friction.Changes in the tens of thousands of years of evolution, shock wave watermovement and gravel collision friction loss, sediment irregular edge, buried in the silence of the millions of years.

Impact crusher of PF involves the use of impact crushing material instead…