Impact of Bad Parenting on Children Essay

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My best friend, my cousin Dominic, should have never become a victim to death from the use of drugs. I feel as if he had better parenting my cousin would still be here today. If his parents could not tell something was wrong by his lack of effort and negative behavior then we have a big problem on our hands. Parents have a big role to play in our children’s lives and they need to be aware of everything that goes on. You may be a good parent at heart but if you carry out bad parenting actions, you are failing your kids and worse, setting them up for a possible lifetime of failure. So much of your child’s future happiness depends on how well you raise your kids today. There are three main areas where you can engage in bad parenting. Failure to bond with your child, failure to discipline and failure to make time for your children has its consequences. Some parents lack skills, some do not care and some are simply swamped by other problems and fail their kids as a result.
One of the main reasons children may act out is there is no connection or bonding time with their parents. This is a necessary emotional component for any human being. We are living beings who need to feel wanted, loved, safe and valued. Without this it leaves us feeling empty. When a child is feeling lonely, they look for ways to fill this void. Many times children will act out just to get the necessary attention that they are deprived at home. Those children lacking a secure bond are more likely to be antisocial, withdrawn, hostile, and aggressive. Children are often left searching for anyone to give them attention even if is from a negative influence. They begin to hang out with the wrong crowd just to feel like they fit in and feel a sense of belonging. Once you get mixed up with that wrong crowd it is nothing but a downward spiral from that point. This is how Angelo’s life became. In reality all that he needed to prevent this was love from his mother and father.
When a child repeatedly gets into trouble, it is the fault of whoever is raising them, because they weren’t consistent. Mouthy kids are mouthy because they weren't told to respect their parents. Kids that run wild at the store weren't taught how to act civilized from the first. Kids that hit weren't taught not to use violence to solve problems. Every child is born pure. As they grow they will test limits, do things they don't know any better are wrong, and learn in the process by cause & effect. If the parent doesn't use punishment for bad behavior, why wouldn't a child do it again? Who cares, becomes the attitude of the child because it didn't earn them grounding, spanking or time out. When my cousin wanted to drop out of school more should have been done to prevent that. If he was disciplined and talked to at that time maybe his life would have never ended at such a young age.
Another reason your child might be acting out is you are just too busy with a career and the daily…