Impact of digital technologies on target audiences Essay

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Impact of digital technologies on target audiences

In this chapter we will analyse how our target audience use the key technologies.

Social media: is the starting and ending point of our costumers online and the user-generated content and social media increasing their influence on online order food decisions. The interactions between costumers are important in this aspect.

First of all we are going to show you the Social Media used in Ireland.

Now, we are going to try to find the impacts about our Target Audience in our company.

1. Facebook

1.8m Irish people visit Facebook on a daily basis

Almost 1.94 million use Facebook on their smartphones

70% of Irish businesses use Facebook

We are least likely to ‘like’ a page on a Saturday, most likely on a Monday
% Usage Facebook 18-­‐24 Years 21.80%


Is a key tool for customers to show their opinion and leave comments about the experience "Just eat", that means Facebook is a huge database of online food.Costumers enter to be part of a community with identified and have common interests. Also people are searching for offers and discount where they can fine here.

Our target become our personal and most trustworthy (and completely free) food online consusltans.


There are 700,000 daily users of Twitter in Ireland

Wednesday is the busiest day on Twitter in Ireland

10/11pm is the busiest hour on Twitter in Ireland. Early morning is the least busiest

53% of 15-­‐24 year olds use Twitter,

Like Facebook, twitter is a tool for costumers to show their opinions and experience of Just Eat. Most of our Target Audience are using this social media and is important to know that this tool can give confidence to the costumer. Interact with people