Impact Of Violence On Community Essay

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Impact On Community

The great stress from coaches, friends, and family make kids try to stand out at sports events. This may cause some kids to connect violence to the sports they play to gain the edge. Kids may be unsuccessful to identify the unlikely cost of violent behavior. Numerous amounts of kids are still novices when it comes down to learning how to handle the strain and the stress of life. The weight from the community they care about and the power of the sports can increase adrenaline levels, raising the odds of violence. Kids may undergo even more pressure to violent acts because sports are a major part in their life and future goals.
Youth violence refers to harmful behaviors that can start early and go into early adulthood. Researchers say some of the leading causes of youth sports violence are the media, poverty, peer pressure, broken homes, substance abuse, gangs, and unemployment. Some say those involved in youth sports are becoming bad sports. Just a few months ago, a father was charged with beating another parent to death because of a disagreement over their sons’ game.
Many people and kids see athletes as role models. Young children tend to model their behavior and attitudes on those adults whom they admire sort of like a serial killer has a copycat. Sports play a major role in the concept of success, winning, and power. On the sports field these goals alone sometimes give good reason for unlawful and violent acts. Violent behavior is a community strength problem because of its marvelous impact on the health and well-being of our youth. Public strength brings a well-built problem-solving approach that has worked in many similar areas, including safe water and air, youth immunization, and prenatal care.
Street gangs are not just issues in big cities. Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in the presence of street gangs in non-metropolitan and rural communities. It is not an exaggeration to say that well thought-out youth sport single-handedly can lessen the levels of adolescence crime in the general public. The causes of youth crime are simple and multidimensional. Controlled sports programs can assist in reducing childhood crime by giving young groups a helpful individuality, feelings of empowerment and by helping youth get hold of leadership, teamwork and independence skills while learning from adult instruction (Jamieson