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August 28, 2005 will forever be one of the most memorable days of my life. I had finally made it to fifth grade and made it to the best class in elementary. My plans mostly consisted of bossing around the younger kids and enjoying myself but it seems as though the weather had other plans. When my Mom found out hurricane Katrina was coming she looked at it like she usually did, no worries everything will be fine. So my family and I had absolutely no intentions of evacuating my mom was cooking everyones favorite foods, and we were prepared to have a great celebration for my grandmother as we usually did every year.

But as everyone was partying my Mom turned on the news and heard the reporter say If you were still in New Orleans that you shouldn’t be, and that began the panic. We rushed around the house gathering everything we figured we cherished too much to see be ruined. We had boxes and boxes of things, not to mention two huge pictures of the family and tons of food that had to be stuffed in between five people in a two door Audi! After alot of prayer and goodbyes we finally left with Mississippi as our destination.

Our trip to Sumrall Mississippi was quite short but after we arrived we realized why, the storm was heading the exact same way. So we stayed for about a day and a half, and saw some the aftermath of the hurricane. Next, we headed to Bogulusa where my Mom has a lot of family. We were very happy there but some other family members wanted to see us in Baton Rouge to see how we were holding up, and since we didn’t want to impose we headed their way. But what we had no idea what we were bringing ourselves in to.

Everything started off well, we were invited into a friendly home and given somewhat of a new start. My mom started a new job, and I started at a new school where I was mostly referred to as “that girl from New Orleans.” We even went home sometime in October and found out