Impact of Cost Accounting Essay

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In the modern business world, the nature and functioning of business organizations have become very complicated. They have to serve the needs of variety of parties who are interested in the functioning of the business. These parties constitute the owners, creditors, employees, government agencies, tax authorities, prospective investors, and last but not the least the management of the business. The business has to serve the needs of these different category of people by way of supplying various information from time to time. In order to satisfy the needs of all these group of people a sound organisation of accounting system is very essential.
In the ancient days the
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But financial accounts fails to provide such useful cost data to management.
(ix) It does not provide a basis for cost comparison : Financial accounts does not help in cost comparison over a period of time or between two jobs or two operations. Thus a basis for judging the efficiency of an year with past year or worthfulness of two different jobs or operations cannot be appraised.
(x) It does not make use of control techniques : Financial accounts fail to make use of certain important cost control techniques such as budgetary control and standard costing. Thus financial accounts do not facilitate measuring the efficiency of the business with the help of control techniques.
(xi) It fails to ascertain break-even point : Financial accounting does not help in ascertaining the break-even point, i.e., the sale or output where the revenue equals the cost. Hence, the point of no-profit-no-loss cannot be made out under financial accounts.

To Ensure Optimum Utilisation of Resources
In todays business world, the resources available are very scarce. Hence every business unit must strive hard to obtain maximum output with the available input. In order to ensure the optimum utilisation of scarce resources, the value of input is measured against the value of output. This implies matching cost per unit of production