Analyse The Impacts Of At Least Two Urban Dynamics

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Task #1 : Analyse the impacts of at least two urban dynamics operating in a large city of the developed world.

Sydney is a world city that currently has urban dynamics operating in it. Sydney is located on the coast in the South-East quadrant of Australia. Urban Decay and Renewal is clearly evident in Pyrmont – Ultimo, a suburb located with in a kilometre from the CBD. Rhodes , further to the north west of Pyrmont, is also under going Urban Decay and Renewal. The silicon corridor is an area of places where companies have decided to suburbanise some of their office blocks due to the cheaper land. The corridor originates in North Sydney and goes in a north westerly direction from there, passing through Chatswood and North Ryde The
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What this means is the area is readily more available for other people.

Another urban dynamic operating in the world city of Sydney is suburbanisation, in particular the suburbanisation of commercial offices. Technical advancements have allowed companies who were once restricted by technology to stay in the CBD, have decided to suburbanise their less essential departments to the North West of North Sydney. Many companies have decided to do this which has lead to the creation of a high tech region know as the silicon corridor. Among those who have been but there by there CBD headquarters, other companies have decided to start their companies there. Some of the high tech companies that have chosen to have their offices there include : Sony, Sanyo and Kodak. The impacts of these offices being in the suburbs include people being able to work closer to home, therefore cutting down on travel time. Currently 29,000 people are employed in that area, a figure that grows by 800 every year. Due to the corridor being made, subsequently the M2, Ryde tunnel and Gore Hill express way have been upgraded which helps with travel to the CBD if needed.

Sydney, a city in the developed world, currently has several Urban dynamics operating with in it. Urban decay and renewal is happening in the Pyrmont-Ultimo and Rhodes