Impeachment and the Constitution of the United States of America Essay

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The Constitution of the United States of America and the Iriqois Constitution have a few similarites and differences between the pair. Some of those would be that the Iriqois' constitution came before the U.S., a vito on power, a government with three branches, and the ability to impeach were all incorporated. In the Iriqois nation the way a decision is reached is much the same as how one is reached in the United States. It must pass through Lords known as the Mohawk and Seneca Lords, much the same way the house of representatives and senate works. The decision must be thoroughly agreed on. After it is a unanymous decision the Mohawk Lords report the decision of the two Lords' to the Fire Keepers. The Fire Keepers are sort of the head, they have the power to veto any decision much like the president of the United States can. The way the United States government is set up is that there are three seperate but equal parts of the government, the judicial, legislative and executive. The Iriqois have a similar system to this. They have three seperate groups, the first being made up of the Tekarihoken, Ayonhwhathah and Shadekariwadeare, the second is Sharenhowaneh, Deyoenhegwenh and Oghrenghrehgowah, the third group is made up of Sharenhowaneh, Deyoenhegwenh and Oghrenghrehgowah. The first two groups are there to make decisions and speak about things whereas the third group is almost a checks and balances group, they are there to guide the groups and correct them on any mistakes. This is…