Impeachment Of Andrew Johnson Analysis

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Vaed Khurjekar
Ms. Tillett

Annotated Bibliography

Benedict, Michael Les. "A New Look at the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson." Political Science Quarterly 88.3 (1973): 349-67. Web.

According to, Michael Les Benedict is a highly regarded author on the topics of American constitutional and legal history, and has published over 40 books and essays on the Civil War and Reconstruction. After receiving his doctorate from Rice University, Benedict served as a professor at Ohio State University for 30 years, and currently serves as the Parliamentarian of the American Historical Association. In his essay, A New Look at the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, Benedict argues that the uproar in response to President Johnson’s impeachment was exaggerated. My research will benefit from Benedict’s concise summary of the events leading to the impeachment and his perspective that the impeachment was warranted will provide support to a side of my historiography.

Brigance, William Norwood. "Jeremiah Black and Andrew Johnson." The Mississippi Valley Historical Review 19.2 (1932): 205-18. Web.

According to, William Norwood Brigance was a 20th century pioneer in American history speech and essay writing, during his 38 year-long tenure as a history professor at Wabash University. Brigance is renowned for his argumentation
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As a professor at The Catholic University of America Law School, Broderick teaches law and political science. In his piece The Politics of Impeachment, Broderick argues that impeachment is more of a political statement than a legal process in America, and cites President Johnson’s case as an example. His specific knowledge of the impeachment process in theory and in action will help me understand not only the legal standpoint, but also the potential political agendas of