Imperialism In Imperial Russia

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The Industrial Revolution was by far one of the most important factors in laying the foundation in the modern world. It affected many regions and societies all over the world, including major powers and developing countries. The major powers concentrated on which colonizing territories to spread their values and beliefs, while mining the weaker, small territories for their resources. The colonized territories weren't always accepting of the Western ideologies, bringing about drastic changes in all aspects. Many systems and ways of life were in transition and changing rapidly including the political systems, social institutions and values, as well as intellectual and cultural life.
Political systems were changing from their traditional methods
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Often times this involved implementing the Western views of democracy into their societies. Imperialism was rampant during these times and brought negative effects to the areas that were touched. While the proponents of imperialism advocate that the new colonial rule brings “technology, institutions, and values,” the opponents express the extreme poverty it perpetuates (Duiker 67). When the imperial powers would create their spheres of influence it was done based upon the benefits that it brought to them and not the country being colonized, creating tensions and instability between those involved. “In imperial Russia, internal tensions became too much for the traditional landholding elites to handle, leading to significant political and social unrest in the first decade of the twentieth century” (Duiker 67). “One of the new political ideas was liberalism” which promoted freedom and equality to individuals (Duiker 9). Liberalism (individuals' freedoms and rights) along with capitalism (market economy controlled by supply and demand) were most successful in Western Europe and the United States than in Eastern Europe areas. This was the profitable combination in order to have a competitive advantage against foreign …show more content…
A main cause of the increasing changes and issues were due to urbanization. Cities began to urbanize and large amounts of people poured in from the rural areas, leaving the agricultural lifestyle and entering into the industrial sector. “Rapid population growth led to overcrowding in the burgeoning cities and increasing public health problems” (Duiker 6). Housing began to be an issue which often led to cheap and easy dwellings being thrown up and the quality was lacking. In America, “the total population had grown from 5 to 30 million people, larger than Great Britain itself” (Duiker 3). Immigration was prevalent with people from the developing countries moving to the growing and developed countries to provide for their families while gaining knowledge and experience to share with others, including their homeland. However, due to the rapid growth and the income inequality between landowners or factory owners in the private sectors and the peasants and lower-class workers, working conditions throughout the cities were often abusive, filthy, and unhealthy. Child labor became prevalent during the Revolution with the economical demands. “Children as young as six years of age began to work before dawn” (Duiker