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US History
The United State’s Decision to Imperialize
Between the 1800s and World War II, the United States had many opportunities to imperialize and annex other counties. What if the United States did not imperialize and annex countries? The US would be far behind other countries, economically, politically, and socially.
All these countries like Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, and Japan wanted to extend their powers to foreign land and the United States wanted to be like everyone else. To become a world power, the United States must imperialized to be favorably known. The United States needs to step up and become a world power and lead other nations by helping and improving their current ways of life.
The United States wanted to expand their military. They wanted naval bases and coaling stations around the world. Hawaii and the Philippines are two countries that could help the
United States with that. These two countries could also advance much quicker with the help of the US and in return, the US could get resources, alliances, and start being known in the world as a country that is advancing. The United States were in the midst of the Industrial Revolution.
They needed to export their goods to other countries just like how other countries were exporting goods to them. New markets and having military bases around the world would show other nations that we can compete with them.
Ideology would also contribute to imperialism. The United States are very prideful in

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their country and people thought that gaining new land would boost our nation's power. There was also a sense