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Imperialism DBQ

In the late 1800s, great nations expanded their control and influence on other parts of the world. This was seen as a good change by some, but a harmful change by others. This difference in opinion is most prevalent when comparing the difference between the view of the imperialist powers and the colonized people. The imperialist nations felt they were doing the right thing by taking colonies, however the colonized people were opposed to the idea.
Many imperialistic powers all had the same factors that drove them to take over peoples in other lands. Because of the Industrial Revolution, countries were in need of more raw materials. They could obtain raw materials in these colonies, as well as create jobs and markets (Document 1). These powerful countries competed economically for colonies.
Another factor was that having more land and a stronger empire was how people measured their country's greatness. If they controlled more peoples and land, they would become
‘greater’ than other nations. A final reason for these powerful nations to colonize weaker countries or areas was racism. They believed that they are benefiting the colonies by improving their life (Document 2).They also thought colonized people were inferior.
Britain colonized large portions of Africa. They justified their colonization with the fact that they industrialized their colonies. They provided these people with a full infrastructure
(Document 3). Britain and other European powers felt that they needed to expand for political and economic reasons, so they colonized other peoples(Document 7). European powers had a very different look on imperialism…