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Summative Assessment 2
Project 1
Easy question – write a response to the following quote from unlimited sustainable develop solution.
Organisation today are begin asked to address an increasingly complex set of environmental issues, as noted in the quote.
Sustainability is achieved when we understand the economic environmental and social consequences of our actions and make deliberate choice that allow, all people to lead heathy productive and enjoyable lives.
Your response should include a discussion of: * Complex environment ussies * Methos of measuring an organisation environmental impact * Methods of managing an organisation environmental impact * Methods of reducing an organisation environmental impact.
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For example, when manufacturing a product, you need to look at the environmental impact of the products entire lifecycle, from development to disposal before finalising your designs. Eggs

* Three: every day a million of three are cutting, for provide to the big factories. * Oil: we are no taking care and recycle the oil the ways has to, now day it is easy just trough in the rivers and do a big contamination for the humans. * Petrol: we are still using card or machines with Petrol that is very dangerous for our environment because the air so dirty. * Fill it with gas / petrol every week to operate it: The burning of petrol causes the emission of dirty gases straight into the atmosphere. Such air pollution then travels globally affecting many different parts of the planet. * Wash it regularly with detergents - either manually or in a car wash: Car detergents are often made of harmful chemicals which, when used, are released directly into the environment, ex. via waste water. * Change tires on a regular basis: Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle next time you are replacing your car. The Green Vehicle Guide provides ratings on the environmental performance of new vehicles sold in Australia .

Greenhouse effect
Carbon dioxide is normally not considered to be a pollutant since it has no harmful effects on plants or animals. It does have one other effect, however, that may affect life on Earth.