Implementation and Creation of Artifacts Throughout the Portfolio Process Essay

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Implementation and creation of artifacts throughout the portfolio process

The artifacts created and included in my portfolio represent an assortment of the teaching approaches that have been successfully implemented in my classroom. Some of the approaches include the integration of technology, scientific inquiry lab activities, and increase literacy through vocabulary development. The use of technology provides a rich Multisensory experience that targets multiple learning styles and keep students motivated and engaged. Since knowing the definition of a concept is not always as relevant as actually experience the real meaning of the concept, these lab activities provided an opportunity for the students to understand a difficult concept with a meaningful approach. In addition, since the students had to make a hypothesis before every lab activity, they had an opportunity to use their critical thinking skills to make their own predictions. The introduction of different reading resources to increase science literacy combined with connecting science activity has proved to be an excellent strategy to ensure that students achieve a clear understanding of a newly introduced concept. For instance, one of my favorite artifacts is the lab activity such as the Reebop Meiosis one. With this artifact the students learned science concepts that usually are abstract and difficult to understand if are taught in isolation without means to connect it with the real world. As an introduction for this lab, I created another artifact; a Power Point Presentation. The purposes of this presentation were to show the differences between mitosis and meiosis, to visually simulate the process of meiosis and fertilization, and to provide an illustration with instructions before a Lab Activity. In the future, I would like to continue building up to these artifacts. They have been a useful tool in building my students’ critical thinking skills while making a direct connection between the concepts introduced and their experiences in the classroom. An added benefit has been an increase in comprehension while decreasing the achievement gap between the different ability groups.

The relationship of the NBPTS core propositions to the portfolio process

Teachers are committed to students and their learning. I have learned how to make knowledge accessible to all students. The knowledge I have gained has strengthened my belief that all students can learn. I treat my students equitably, recognizing their individual differences that distinguish one student from another and take account of these differences in my practice. I adjust my practice based on observation and knowledge of my students' interests, abilities, skills, background knowledge, family circumstances and peer relationships. In addition, I now understand better how students develop and learn. I am aware of the influence of context and culture on their behavior. As a result, I foster students' self-esteem, motivation, character, civic responsibility and have respect for individual, cultural, religious and racial differences.
Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. I have a rich understanding of the subject that I teach and appreciate how knowledge in my subject is created, organized, linked to other disciplines and applied to real-world settings. I also develop the critical and analytical capacities of my students. I am aware of the preconceptions and background knowledge that students typically bring to each subject and of strategies and instructional materials that can be of assistance. I understand where difficulties are likely to arise and modify my practice accordingly. In addition, my instructional inventory allows me to create multiple paths to the subject I teach, and I am skillful at teaching students how to pose and solve their own problems.
Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. I have developed