Essay on Implementing 5S Concept in Warehouse Management

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5S concept is reference to a list of five Japanese words which transliterated and translate into English, start with the letter S and are the name of a methodology. The 5S methodology that including the Seiri (organization), Seiton (neatness), Seiso (cleaning), seiketsu (standardization) and shitsuke (discipline), is used as a platform for developing an integrated management system by the parallel use of total productive maintenance (TPM) (Bamber et al., 2000). The practice of 5S aims to embed the values of organization, neatness, cleaning, standardization and discipline into the workplace (Osada, 1991). Besides, the 5S concept also widely apply into warehouse management because the 5S
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The walk paths were set up in the warehouse with no loop back during order picking to complete an order. Man up order pickers were used to eliminate the need for ladders, and to assist with order picking from level 2 and 3.
• Set In Order (Seiton) - The second S focuses on efficient and effective storage methods. Racking was purchased and erected in the warehouse to increase the available space in the warehouse and wide aisles is very important to allow fast movement for picking and replenishment (and use all available space) and to support the ability to use all materials handling equipment in all areas of the warehouse in order to increase put away accuracy and minimize the physical effort during material handling process.
• Shine (Seiso) - The third S is to thoroughly clean the warehouse and this elements are strongly emphasize that all racking were fixed to the floor and each location was labeled. No product was allowed in the aisles and no product was allowed into the pick face from bulk until all stretch wrap was removed. Pyramid picking was not allowed and the cleanliness of the warehouse is the responsibility of all the staffs in the warehouse. The staffs in the warehouse are requiring cleaning the floor with an electric sweeper and not a broom and everyone takes turns as part of their duties.
• Standardize (Seiketsu) –The fourth S is standardizing practice in warehouse in order to maintain the first three S's. Organization, orderliness,