Implementing An Affirmative Action Plan

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Implementing an Affirmative Action Plan
Affirmative action was created so people wouldn’t be discriminated against no matter what their race, color, religion, gender or national origin is. It was created to equalize education and employment opportunities. Although this plan was created there are still signs of discrimination in this business world today. So many people fought to end segregation but it still seems to be a problem in some areas throughout the world. There is much dilemma in how to set right and produce mixed races in the corporate business world. According to the job market the graduates of top universities are rewarded which included both black and white races. The sad thing is that the unprivileged suffer and are basically punished which consists mostly of the black race. A person who wants to work for a company shouldn’t be turned down just because of their skin color or what gender they are. This doesn’t make any sense to do something like that. After all, if the shoe was on the other foot, would a person want to be discriminated against for a certain reason? They wouldn’t want an opportunity to pass by because they were discriminated against for what color they were or what religion they are. It is only right for all people in the workforce to pursue their dreams and they should have the opportunity to do so. Obviously there will be positive and negative reactions from others in implementing an affirmative action policy so let’s start with the positive outcome first.
Implementing an affirmative action policy would create a diverse environment in the organization. Diversity creates growth and achievement as well as an atmosphere of culture. If everyone you worked with looked the same and acted the same it would be a very boring and dull atmosphere. Who wants to work in an environment such as this? Definitely not me. Diversity can also integrate new ideas into our evolving working society.

This will draw so much more people to our organization than ever before. This will also involve in giving individuals with disabilities or even minorities in general a helping hand in the workforce. This will help with having a diverse workforce and open connections with new businesses as well new partners with this type of newly created network. This will also break common stereotypes. We must ask ourselves, “Is it really going to be too much trouble to accommodate a woman? What about a person who is of the Muslim religion or what about a personal with a slight mental problem?” It’s not like I am asking for a lot. I am just asking to give some people a chance. We must give these people equal employment opportunity by not discriminating against other people that are known as